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Hughenden is a friendly vibrant community which offers real small town living concepts. The Village boost a modest population of approx. 250 residents with a great School, grades 3 to 12..
In 2016, Hughenden census denoted a population of 243 with approx. 116 dwellings.
The Village has a land area of 0.78 km² (0.3 sq mi) and a population density of 297.9 inhabitants per square kilometer.
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Hughenden is a Village in East Central Alberta, Canada. It is located 49 km south of Wainwright, in the Municipal District of Provost, along Highway 13.
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Our Village Council consists of Mayor Douglas Chambers, Deputy Mayor Jeanette (Jet) Ruud and Councillor Edward Reynen.  Richard Lavoie is the Village’s Chief Administrative Officer. Paul Dyck is our Water and Wastewater Utilities Operator. Brent Lumayko is our Public Works Foreman and Mark Wight is our Water Treatment Plant Level 2 Operator/Supervisor. The Village Office is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday.
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As with any small town we are heartily grateful to those who do the bulk of their shopping in town.
A list of businesses and services can be found on our Business page [ + click here ].


Emergency Services:
~ Fire and Rescue department provides responses to fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, farm accidents and other emergencies. ALWAYS LOOKING for NEW RECRUITS.
~ Hughenden Fire Department provides fire prevention training in the school along with active training to their valued membership
~ Hughenden Fire Rescue was established in 1966.
~ The Rescue Operations were established in 1989.
~ The Hughenden Fire Department has 18 members, lead by Fire Chief Brian Cooper and Deputy Fire Chief Tami Sather. The boost 2 EMRs, 2 EMTs and the majority have First Aid, CPR and Red Cross training. Emergency services within our community is second to none!

Water/Sewer/Lagoon/ BULK WATER STATION Services:
The Village maintains a fully operational water treatment plant with storage capacity of 158,000 gallons of water. Our water is extremely soft, so you may feel the need to change soaps etc. to better suit the water. Due to the geographic placement of the Village, our sewer is lifted to the lagoon 1 ¼ miles from town by the way of two lift stations. In 2019, the Village of Hughenden opened up a modern Bulk Water Station across from the Encompass Credit Union. Water supply businesses have taken advantage our new plant in record numbers in the past 18 months


 Waste And Recycling:
A landfill transfer site is located about a mile out of town. Regular trash pickup in town is done each week on Wednesday morning. Large amounts of trash should be taken out to the landfill on your own. Boxes and papers can be recycled at the landfill as well. Cell phones, glasses and ink cartridges can be dropped off at the Village Office for proper disposal.

Public Facing Crime Mapping: